Christmas TinsChristmas tins are the answer to the problem of which gift to give to the individual who has "everything." Christmas tins have such appealing designs. They can be used long after the holidays are over.

The best part of Christmas tins is the contents within. Make short work of a gift list. Planet Popcorn has fresh, tasty popcorn in flavors like buttery popcorn, apple cinnamon and many others to tempt hungry snackers.

Planet Popcorn offers three designs in the 3.5 gallon size. Choose from a blue and white snowflake design, the large snowflake on a bright red background or the lovely holly berry design, enhanced with gold on a dramatic background. The two-gallon size Christmas tin is designed with an antique popcorn cart in bright red with a scenic background.

Delectable Popcorn Snacks in Abundance
Planet Popcorn covers a wide spectrum of delectable popcorn flavors. For example, caramel kettle popcorn, spicy cheddar popcorn, chocolate drizzle popcorn, birthday cake popcorn and spicy Chicago popcorn top the list of the most popular gourmet flavors. Several are available in spectacular Christmas tins that make receiving one or more an exciting experience for children and adults. At Planet Popcorn, you can even create you own popcorn in bags or tins.

When the tins are empty, there a multitude of uses for them. For example, the two-gallon kettle corn tin is a whimsical, nostalgic design. In the kids' room, it's a perfect reusable container for keeping game parts, crayons and other items that manage to wander about children's bedrooms and playrooms.

The special Christmas designs can be reused in lots of ways during the holidays, including refilling them with Planet Popcorn's wide choice of gourmet flavored popcorn.

Planet Popcorn has been a leading source of popcorn for fundraising projects. This world-class popcorn is a favorite of school fundraising projects, as well as civic and charitable organizations fundraisers.

The Best Popcorn is Planet Popcorn
There's a good reason Plant Popcorn produces the best popcorn. It's 100% gluten free, has zero trans fats and is low carb and is a non-GMO product. Packed in strikingly attractive Christmas tins, it's no surprise many gift-givers order several for each person on their gift list.

Choose the 3.5 gallon red and white snowflake design and add the two-gallon quaint antique popcorn cart. Stack this together, tie with bright red ribbon and a white bow. Select the Holly Berry design with the 2-gallon size and these can also be stacked and tied with a pretty gold ribbon and bow. It's a gift that's so mouth-watering. It won't last long once it's opened.

For exchanging gifts at the office, Planet Popcorn is always popular. Be sure to order several Christmas tins. The delightful aroma of popcorn in the office always means it disappears fast.

Don't forget favorite that favorite business clients and vendors love to receive a Planet Popcorn Christmas tin. It's a nice way of saying, "Thank you for your business. Ordering is quick and easy. The only difficulty is choosing from among so many scrumptious flavors.