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Birthday Cake Popcorn 2 Gallon Tin

Can't get enough of our perfectly sweet and fluffy birthday cake popcorn? We don't blame you! With our collectible, reusable Planet Popcorn 2 gallon tins – big enough to hold two gallons of our famous delectable cake-flavored treat – you'll never have to wonder where your next mouthwatering bite will come from. Light but luscious, delicate but decadent, our birthday cake flavored gourmet popcorn makes any event a special occasion!

Freshness and Shipping: We cook all popcorn orders on the same day they ship. We ship within 24 hours of receiving an order, through USPS (Mon / Fri). We will send a tracking number for you to view the progress of your orders delivery, as soon as your order ships.

Tin & Weight Details:
» Tin Size: 2 Gallon
» Tin Colors: Red, White, Platinum
» Approx. Product Weight: 3 lb, 12 oz

All-Natural Gourmet Popcorn:
» Non-GMO
» 100% Gluten Free
» Zero Trans Fats & Low Carb

With so many of us leaning toward the more health-conscious side of nutrition, it simply isn't prudent to indulge in rich, creamy cake any time you want. Now, though, you can satisfy your craving for a tasty, decadent, frosting-laden slice with our famous birthday cake gourmet popcorn. Light, fluffy and absolutely irresistible, this luscious cake flavor allows you to revel in everything this popular dessert promises... all without the guilt (or the fork).

Whether you're a connoisseur of cakes, a pro at preparing pastries, or someone who can simply appreciate a brilliant dessert when you taste one, our exquisite birthday cake flavored popcorn will have you humming “Mmmm!” for more with every bite. Planet Popcorn's extra large bags, ample tins and festive gift baskets are sure to keep the party going strong. Try some today and see for yourself!

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