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Buttery Popcorn

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Hot, buttered gourmet popcorn is a movie theater staple, really making the entire big screen experience something fantastically special. How would you like to enjoy that unmistakeable movie gourmet popcorn flavor anytime and anywhere you wanted? With our delectably buttery gourmet popcorn flavor, you can feel free to indulge in as many buttery handfuls as your heart desires, at home, at work, on the road, and anywhere else the craving strikes!

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Planet Popcorn offers a little something for everyone!

What makes our buttery gourmet popcorn so irresistible? Perhaps it's the fresh popcorn we begin with, air-popped for a delicate crispy crunch you simply can't refuse. Or maybe it's the delightfully rich, slightly salted flavor of real cream butter, melting into every crevice of each yummy kernel. For many, it's that distinct, unequivocal warm butter aroma that no one seems powerful enough to resist. Whatever that unnameable quality really is, you'll be sure to find it in every bag and tin of our amazing gourmet popcorn in our patented buttery flavor.

With our butter flavor popcorn, your cravings for the perfect savory snack have met their match. Experience what millions of Americans have already discovered when you snatch up a bag of this undeniable classic; with the freshest gourmet popcorn and artfully crafted flavors, Planet Popcorn offers a little something for everyone!