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Galaxy Mix Popcorn (Formerly Chicago Style)

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(formerly Chicago Style - same classic ingredients -new out of this world name) What's better than a delicious, convenient snack that's both salty and sweet simultaneously? At Planet Popcorn, we honestly can't think of anything! Our galaxy mix gourmet popcorn offers a little something for everyone, combining the creamy lusciousness of sweet, smooth caramel with the savory, salty cheesiness of our classic cheddar popcorn. Every bite is a little taste of heaven, carefully crafted using the best ingredients and years of experience in the business of making exceptionally tasty gourmet popcorn.

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Every Bite is a Little Taste of Heaven

How do we make our Chicago style gourmet popcorn so delectable and amazing? We begin with a generous helping of creamy, homemade caramel; our one-of-a-kind cheesy cheddar flavor; and our freshly popped kernels of premium corn. Air-popped for a crispy, crunchy, and indescribably light texture, each bite is as irresistibly delicious as the last.

If you're looking for a treat that satisfies your sweet tooth and fulfills your craving for savory goodness all in one, you've found the right popcorn. Planet Popcorn's famous Chicago style gourmet popcorn is prepared and packed fresh for an irresistible crunch that will definitely leave you coming back for more. Our delicious Chicago style gourmet popcorn: it's beyond finger-lickin' good!