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Naked-Plain Popcorn

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Air-popped for the lightest, crispiest, and fluffiest kernels imaginable, our irresistible Naked-Plain gourmet popcorn is completely free of all unnatural additives or flavors for a pure taste experience you simply have to try to believe. For popcorn lovers who still want to stick to their healthy eating goals, our one-of-a-kind Naked-Plain gourmet popcorn offers a fresh, new snack solution. Widely considered as a treat that's as healthy as many veggies, our plain gourmet popcorn is anything but “plain” in the flavor department.

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How Can Plain Gourmet Popcorn Taste So Good?

You may be wondering... How can plain gourmet popcorn taste so good? That's a great question! Our secret begins with the corn. We only implement the freshest ingredients from the start; our Naked-Plain gourmet popcorn is 100 percent whole grains, non-GMO, and guaranteed gluten-free. Then we pop each and every tasty kernel at precisely the perfect temperature for a texture and unadulterated natural flavor that's out of this world.

With our premium grade, all-natural Naked-Plain popcorn, you can feel free to break open a bag or a tin with friends, family, coworkers, and more, and make a toast: To good health, good times, and to amazingly good popcorn! Try a handful of our fresh, delicious, and entirely wholesome Naked-Plain gourmet popcorn today and discover the Planet Popcorn difference for yourself.