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Spicy Cheddar Popcorn

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For some of us, what's considered “the norm” is simply too mundane when it comes to taste. Are you one of those who enjoys taking the flavors of your favorite foods to the next level? If so, have we got the flavored gourmet popcorn for you! Planet Popcorn's famous Spicy Cheddar gourmet popcorn takes the classically delicious cheesy flavor of real cheddar and blends it with an unmistakable hint of spice for a crunchy, savory snack that's simply out of this world.

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Planet Popcorn's famous Spicy Cheddar gourmet popcorn

How do we so perfectly blend the smooth richness of slightly salty cheddar cheese and the heat of an exotic blend of tasty spices? We begin with fresh, high-quality ingredients and years of gourmet popcorn experience, lovingly crafting small batches of crispy, crunchy kernels seasoned to perfection. From the first time you experience the exquisitely tempting and cheesy aroma of our spicy cheddar gourmet popcorn, you'll be hooked!

Fresh gourmet popcorn at its finest: that's what Planet Popcorn is all about! We dare you to try just one bite of our alluringly savory cheddar and spice blend... Before you know it, you'll be reaching back for more! Check out our extensive selection of flavored popcorn and gifts, including customizable gift cards and popcorn tins, and find the ideal mix for you.